Nachusa Grasslands Beauty III, Golden Alexander, 8"x10" – 16"x20" prints


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Nachusa Grasslands is one of the Nature Conservancy's greatest ongoing success stories and one of Illinois' largest and last surviving prairie landscapes. It's home to 600 native plant species and 180 species of birds. In this colorful, floral image, there is enough color diversity to suit any palette. Chartreuse yellow, orange, peach, green, purple and blue are among the many offerings.

I could use many words to describe my artwork including: enhanced, abstract, unique, modern, urban, creative, colorful, contemporary, captivating, surreal and made in America.

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600 native plant species 180 species of birds, Chartreuse yellow, Color, Flower, Green, Limited depth of field, Nachusa Grasslands, Original fine art photograph, Prairie landscapes, Soft background, Texture, blue, photographic-print