Nachusa Grasslands Beauty I: False Sunflower, 8"x10" – 16"x20" prints


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Nachusa Grasslands is one of the Nature Conservancy's greatest ongoing success stories and one of Illinois' largest and last surviving prairie landscapes. It's home to 600 native plant species and 180 species of birds. This image of a beautiful field of sunflowers, created at the end of a lovely summer day, is a happy image. It was chosen to adorn a wall in the Stott home (Lena, IL) by one of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition artists.

I could use many words to describe my artwork including: enhanced, abstract, unique, modern, urban, creative, colorful, contemporary, captivating, surreal and made in America.
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600 native plant species 180 species of birds, Color, Extreme Makeover Home Edition artists, Field, Green, Metal, Nachusa Grasslands, Original fine art photograph, Prairie landscapes, Special effects, blue, clouds, yellow