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In pieces that have been compared to Maxfield Parrish’s paintings, my work actually begins with photographs. Captivating in their own right, I enhance my original images with layers of color, highlighting certain aspects—often to surreal effect. Pixel by pixel the image is transformed and a unique interpretation emerges.

Electric, exotic, or serene, the moods of my pieces are diverse, yet all share a distinctive style and contemporary point of view. My subjects transport viewers from historic landmarks, to tropical retreats, to the simplest inspirations in nature.

A plethora of images are included on the Art Inventory page. Please check the drop down link to view them by subject matter including: Urban: NYC, Urban: Chicago, Paris, Floral, Tropical and Items of Interest. To view them in a larger format, check pricing, sizes or types of framing offered, this page will link you to my Etsy store.

My goal is to continually create new artwork through my travels and studio photography. Please visit the site from time to time to view the new work. If you have an image you’d like to see created, please contact us.