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56_Taxis_TimesSquareStylized NYC | Urban Chicago | Urban Chicago Waterfront-Navy Pier, John Hancock III Florals Coronado Theatre_Rockford Symphony Orchestra_Beethoven Countryside Flight with the Red Baron Squadron Rockford, IL | Hometown Striking!

More than a photographer, Sherry Pritz combines distinctive images with artistic enhancements to create her signature contemporary style. Working in both black and white, and color, she highlights certain aspects of an original photograph, with results resembling a painting. By selecting and skillfully layering a palette of colors, her subjects take on a surreal, sometimes abstract feel. And a completely unique perspective emerges. Her work, with an urban appeal, commands attention in business and private settings—as an organic backdrop or a shining focal point. And a diverse range of subjects takes viewers from the simplest location in nature to exotic landmarks.